Whipsdnade zoo

Weather was nice at the zoo. Dry, warm and windy with some sunshine.
Done around 200 photos, which I should finish editing tomorrow hopefully and will then upload the best ones to the blog and flickr.


Tomorrow: Whipsnade Zoo

Just finished cleaning camera and lenses, checked all batteries (camera and gps tracker), synchronised camera clock to gps clock. Everything is ready to take some animal photos at whipsnade zoo tomorrow. Hopefully by Monday I will be able to post the first few results.

Facebook Test

just testing if new blog post get published on facebook.

Twitter Test

just testing if posting to my blog sends out a tweet.

Color Splasher for iPad

Tried a new App on the iPad. It’s called Color Splasher and lets you selective color a photo. As I am not the best to describe things, here is a photo.